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Fast Track Treatment

Tired of waiting?
Don't really need to see the doctor?
Unsure who else to see?

Why Not Try The Fast Track Treatment Scheme!

If you or your family are suffering from any of the following conditions then ask the receptionist about the Fast Track Treatment Scheme.

• Coughs

• Sore Throats

• Earache

• Nasal Congestion

• Cold or Flu

• Hay Fever

• Tummy Upset and Diarrhoea

• Head Lice

• Athlete's Foot

• Vaginal Thrush

• Contact Dermatitis, Bites and Stings

• Back Pain, Sprains and Strains

• Red Sore Eyes

• Mouth Ulcers

• Constipation

• Infected Toe/Finger

• Rashes


What Is The Scheme?

The scheme allows you to obtain medicines to treat illnesses from your practice nurse without having an appointment to see your doctor. If you need a prescription, this will be issued in the usual way.

Who Can Use The Scheme?

Anyone registered with Wellington Road Surgery.

What Illnesses Can Be Treated?

There are a number of different minor ailments including coughs, colds, bites and stings that can be seen by the practice nurse.

Can I Demand The Medicines I Want?

No. The practice nurse must be satisfied that there is a need for the medication and that it is suitable for you. The practice nurse may decide that you should see your doctor or give you advice without supplying any medicines.

Do I Have To Use The Scheme?

No. If you do not want to use the scheme you will be offered the next available appointment with your doctor.

What If The Practice Nurse Thinks I Need To See A Doctor?

If the practice nurse decides you need treatment by a doctor there will be a doctor available to see you.


Your practice nurse is providing treatment and/or advice under the Fast Track Treatment Scheme in line with the symptoms you have described. If your symptoms persist you should seek further advice from your doctor.

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