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Prioritising Patient Calls Posted or Updated on 17 Jan 2024

From 18th January we will be using a new call queuing and callback system called Keep My Place in Queue. At busy times, we will be using our new call queue system which will give you the option to select a callback. There's no additional charges for our patients for any callback. 

So what does that mean for our patients?

We will only queue your calls when our lines are really busy. When it's not busy you can stay on the line and your call will get answered. 

All callback requests are held in the callback queue. No more waiting in a queue listening to hold music. Stay close to your phone, because we will call you back. 

The callback service will be active when our call queues are busy. we aim to return your call as soon as possible, but it will always be on the same day. 

All calls & callback requests are handled in strict time order. It's fair for all, as it's a true first come, first served service. 

Remember, don't withhold your telephone number when calling as we will call you back on the number you display.

When you have requested your callback, please wait. If you choose to call again, your previous call will be cancelled, and you'll start to queue again. 


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